Springrite cc

Processors of spring steel for leaf, coil and industrial springs and wire forms, and agricultural implements.


Coil springs are used in various mechanical devices ranging from pens, clocks and watches to car suspensions. 

They are often called compression, torsion or helical springs, and form an integral part of the application for which they are being used.


Our automotive coil springs are manufactured from high-quality spring steel round bar and are heavy-duty. They are heat treated, scragged and load tested. These springs come with a 1-year guarantee.

We keep stock of fast-moving vehicle coil springs. Should we not have stock we will manufacture to specification or sample.


We offer fitment of springs to cars, bakkies, trailers and most light passenger vehicles at our premises.


Our coil division can manufacture all styles of springs. The most common springs are compression, tension, torsion, and conical. 

The wire sizes range from 0.3mm to 50mm. These are made from black carbon and stainless spring steel. We offer finishes such as e-coating / passivating and galvanizing.

Springrite manufactures to specification, to drawing or sample. We will make any quantity from one to thousands of springs.